1st Place Carolina Ibarra Garay USA - Photo by Abi Varney.jpg


Winner: 2018 World AeroPress Championship

Coffee: Mugaya AA
Origin: Kirinyaga, Kenya
Roaster: Single O
Importer: Cafe Imports

Brewer position: Inverted
Filter type: Paper filter
Filter prep: Rinsed with hot water

Coffee weight: 34.9g
Grinder: Mahlkonig EK43S
Grind size: [fine] 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 [coarse]
Water weight: 200g
Type of water: Filtered water by Brita
Temperature: 85℃

  1. Set your water temperature at 85℃.

  2. Prepare your filter paper and grind your coffee.

  3. Pour 100g of water for 30 sec.

  4. Stir vigorously but carefully with wooden pair of chopsticks for 30 sec.

  5. Put the filter cap on, flip the AeroPress and press into a glass server for 30 sec.

  6. Do not preheat your serving vessel.

  7. Top up your brew with 60g of 85℃ water and 40g of room temperature water.