The 2018 World AeroPress Championship will be held in Sydney, Australia and co-hosted with legendary coffee roasters, Single O

The World AeroPress Championship has long been known as a “free-wheeling fuck­-off” to the all­-too­-serious world of coffee competitions. In our 11th year it’s time to change things up (big time) and really step out from the shadows.

As far back as we can remember, the World AeroPress Championship final has tagged along to wherever that big and stuffy competition (which we won’t name) went. This meant that the location and date of our competition was always decided by someone else, and recently, some of those decisions have been pretty questionable.

Now that we’re older, a little bit wiser, but still free-wheeling A.F., we thought, screw that; it’s time to make sure we give our competitors and our hosts the best possible competition to be a part of (regardless of who’s paying off the big guys).

With that spirit in mind, we’re super stoked to announce that we’re breaking free, and taking it Down Under… 

You can expect the final to be held in early November, and for it to be an evolved version of our usual event. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date.

We’re all about community, so we’re stretching out to a two-day event including a true blue Aussie-style BBQ, and a lot more opportunity for competitors to actually hang out with other coffee lovers.

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