"A kind of free-wheeling 'fuck­-off' to the all­-too­-serious world of coffee competitions, the World AeroPress Championship is independent, and it does not suck."

- Jordan Michelman, Sprudge.com


For 9 years we've run the competition, and now we've released the book. And it doesn't suck, either... 

It's packed with over 300 pages of winning recipes, every national poster, a full listing of competition results, and loads of other good stuff.

The Annual is a World AeroPress Championship production, published in conjunction with Standart Magazine, and ships from Berlin, Germany.

  • Dimensions: 232 x 290 mm
  • Page count: 332 inside / 4 cover
  • Paper: 100g IQ Print 4/4
  • Weight: 950g (approx.)